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We want to give everyone who’s currently in some kind of lockdown something extra to do at home! And what is better than playing games? Play “Victory - the Game”; a free online game that belongs to our newest single “Victory”. Take as many guitar picks as possible and if you earn enough points you get an MP3 of the new single from us!

Note: You don’t need an account to play the game and providing an email address is optional.

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Out now: 10.17 (Remixes) EP

About a year ago we released our most recent EP 10.17 and today we are proud to announce that we are re-releasing it in a different form: as a set of electronic remixes! We wanted to experiment with what would happen if we replaced all the acoustic instruments from the EP with instruments that are not on the EP, like synthesizers and drum machines. We can honestly say we are quite happy with the results! Put on your sunglasses and enjoy the electronic versions of our songs!

New EP out now!

Our new EP '10.17' is out now! It contains six tracks, including the previously released single 'Down on Me'. Get it using one the buttons below!

New single: Down on me

Our new single 'Down on me' is now available.
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The Dutch indierock Band LorentZ makes melodic indierock, inspired by bands like Buffalo Tom, combined with the melancholic sound of My Morning Jacket and The National. Or, as a jury once said: “LorentZ paints beautiful landscapes”. In 2018 a new EP from the band will be released, preceded by the single ‘Down on me’.

LorentZ was founded around the turn of the century by a group of friends, who no longer wanted to play covers only, but felt the need to write their own work as well. The members named their band after their first rehearsal space at the Lorentz street in Zwijndrecht, where they worked on their first EP ‘LaboratorY’ (2002). Following the release of this EP, the band played various shows in clubs and on festivals.

After this period, the band decided to take things to the next level; they built an own recording studio in Dordrecht. In this ‘Laboratory Studio’ the first full-length album ‘In the Middle of Somewhere’ (2007) was recorded. In true indie style, everything around the album was carried out by the band members themselves, from recording, mixing, mastering and cover art design. It turned out to be a diverse album, with twelve songs that reflect precisely where LorentZ stands for: melodic, dynamic music with a twist. Also this release resulted in a series of concerts in their home town Dordrecht and far beyond.

By now the Laboratory Studio moved to a new location and named the ‘Labtones Studio’. Multiple albums from other national and international artists were recorded here. Also, the band released an ambitious project in 2010: the international, independent music network

Despite all these activities, LorentZ found the time to work on new, own material, which finally resulted in the EP ‘10.17’, released in April 2018. This EP contains six songs on which the band showcases a new, louder and more layered sound. Again, the band choose to follow a 100% DIY mentality. For example, the release of the first single of the EP (‘Down on me’) was combined with a special video, in which the band used the newest computer techniques to transform themselves in a moving painting. The video got attention in various media outlets and the single even reached the no. 1 spot in the charts of Dutch music blog FTM (followed by a no. 1 spot for the EP as well). Also, the single got airplay on Dutch radio station IndieXL as well and reached the top 20 of the IndieXL charts.

In 2019, LorentZ released ‘10.17 (Remixes)’, an EP which contains all the six songs from ‘10.17’ in an electronic, remixed version. This way, the band wanted to experiment with replacing all the acoustic instruments from the original EP with electronic instruments, like synthesizers and drum machines.

In 2020, the band released another single from ’10.17’ called ‘Victory’. The single is accompanied by an online game in which the player can earn points by stealing guitar picks from the bandmembers. When the player scores enough points, he/she will get a free download of the single.

"So, LorentZ was a refreshing relief."
- De Dordtenaar (Dutch newspaper)
"I like listening to this work very much."
- Alex Case (Associate Professor in audio recording)
"Thoughout the performance you can hear how experienced these musicians are, which shows especially in the amazing guitar solos."
- 3voor12 (Dutch music website)

(single, 2020)

10.17 (Remixes)
(EP, 2019)

(EP, 2018)

Down on Me
(single, 2018)

In the Middle of Somewhere
(album, 2007)

(EP, 2002)


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