Victory - The Game

Welcome to Victory - The Game!

Try to score at least 1,000 points and you will earn a FREE DOWNLOAD of our song 'Victory'.

Are you good enough?? :)

Instructions for Victory - The Game

Welcome to Victory - The Game! This is your chance to earn a free download of our song 'Victory' and eternal fame! Here's how to play it:

This is you! You are a fan of LorentZ (duh!) and desperately want to get hold of that precious download. But, you first have to earn 10,000 points by collecting as much guitar picks as possible. You will find yourself inside the rehearsal space of LorentZ, where you can move around by using the arrow keys.

This is LorentZ! The bandmembers don't like it that you are stealing their guitar picks. From time to time they will come after you and try to catch you. Be sure to avoid them!

This is a guitar pick. Arjan and Jasper are losing these all the time. A pick is worth 10 points.

This is a power guitar pick! These are worth 50 points. Also, when you catch one of these the roles are reversed. The band members will start blinking and you can go after them! If you catch a band member you earn a lot of extra points!